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My Vision for Dundrum

My vision for Dundrum is that of a vibrant community supported by a strong local economy.

· A new Civic Centre for Dundrum for the benefit of local cultural and community groups in the area. This is a priority for me. It will strengthen local communities and should be at the heart of the new Local Area Plan.

· Improved transport infrastructure – increased Luas frequencies, investing in local road networks, more environmentally friendly transport options, prioritising pedestrian access for older residents, better traffic management.

· Developing local tourism by promoting initiatives such as Dundrum Festival, supporting Imagine Dundrum for the renewal of our built heritage, developing the Dodder Greenway, and investing in small businesses.

· Ensuring that new housing such as in the Central Mental Hospital Site is accompanied by new community facilities such as parks and playgrounds.

Dundrum is a great community to grow up, rear a family and grow old in. We need to ensure that this continues to be the case through effective local planning and your voice is crucial.


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