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Madigan highlights importance of meaningful engagement by Land Development Agency

A Fine Gael TD has called on the Land Development Agency (LDA) to increase their engagement with local resident’s associations, businesses and community groups in the immediate vicinity of any proposed LDA development.

Dublin-Rathdown TD Josepha Madigan was speaking during the second-stage reading of the Land Development Agency Bill 2021, which was introduced by Minister O’Brien in February.

In her speech, Minister Madigan said: “I note that the word ‘community’ is only used once in a Bill that aims to enable the sustainable development of new and regenerated communities well-served by schools, public transport and public amenities.

“I am a strong believer in ensuring that local infrastructure is developed and improved as much as they can alongside large-scale housing projects. That is precisely why greater engagement is needed. The LDA cannot be a champion of community if it doesn’t meaningfully engage with existing communities.”

Minister Madigan continued:

“I have received hundreds of emails about the proposed LDA development at the Dundrum Central Mental Hospital in my own constituency of Dublin Rathdown – and I would honestly struggle to count on one hand the number of emails who oppose the idea of developing this site.

“I would, however, ask the Minister for Housing to note the trend that is emerging from all of the Residents Associations in Annaville and the Dundrum Road, in Highfield/Westbrook, in Frankfort Park, in Mulvey Park, in Taney, in Clonskeagh, in Roebuck and in Rosemount is great disappointment that their members hold in relation to the lack of meaningful engagement that they have had to date with the LDA.”

In a recent letter to Minister O’Brien and the LDA, Minister Madigan wrote: “[Local Resident Associations] have informed me that the strong perception is that key decisions have already been made and that they feel that they are being “railroaded” through a box ticking process.

“I sincerely hope that the above fear is not the case – and until a detailed masterplan is published, I believe it is incredibly important that the LDA increases its engagement with local RAs and businesses.

“The existing community has no intention of blocking this ambitious new housing development. I welcome the fact that 80% of survey respondents believe that the project presents an opportunity for this currently inaccessible site to positively contribute to the wider community.

“All that local groups are asking for is the opportunity to work collaboratively with the LDA to ensure that the outcome of the proposed development is a safe and sensible integrated community that benefits both the existing and new community. I believe this to be a very fair and reasonable ask.”


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