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Cultural Ambassadors announced

I announced the appointment of five Cultural Ambassadors.

The new positions will see high-profile figures from Ireland’s arts and culture community promote Ireland globally as part of the Government’s #GlobalIreland2025 initiative.

We aim to double Ireland’s footprint globally by 2025 though a mix of initiatives in the cultural, diplomatic, business, education and tourism areas. Ireland’s strong reputation for culture and creativity is central to the initiative, which proposes a number of actions to enhance the promotion of Ireland’s culture globally, including the appointment of Cultural Ambassadors.

Master musician and founding member of The Gloaming, Martin Hayes, leading architects, Shelly McNamara and Yvonne Farrell of Grafton Architects, awarding winning actress Ruth Negga and Pulitzer Prize winning poet Paul Muldoon who was not present today have all accepted the role of Cultural Ambassador for a period of three years.

In their role the Cultural Ambassadors will endeavour to raise the public focus on arts and culture as a means of promoting Ireland globally, provide advice and input on strategic cultural initiatives and participate in key events and projects.


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