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Civic and cultural funding for Dundrum and Stillorgan

New civic centre needed in Dundrum

I was delighted to announce that the Dundrum area will receive funding for an assessment of cultural and civic facilities, including a dedicated cultural centre. I believe it will greatly enhance life for the community.

It is to be funded from the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund whose successful applicants were announced recently by myself, An Taoiseach Varadkar T.D. and Minister Eoghan Murphy.

The Urban Regeneration and Development Fund is one of four funds established under the NDP 2018-2027. The Dept of Housing will implement the Fund, with €100 million available in 2019 & an overall allocation of €550 million up to the end of 2022.

I was also pleased that the Stillorgan will also receive €1.3 million for public realm works which will include new pocket parks and a redesign of the road space.

As Minister for Culture, I am particularly pleased that 9 projects that will receive funding from this fund have a cultural element to them. This is in keeping with the Government’s strong understanding of and support for culture. It is also recognition of the centrality of culture to development and regeneration.

By using existing infrastructure for cultural centres, and other such projects, we are cementing culture and heritage in the Irish community and highlighting just how important it is. This fund will play such a valuable role in creating and improving our cultural heritage and this will stand to us for generations to come.


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